Look why SIM is for you!

Each of these videos will explain you carefully how to realize basic operations.
A single view will convince you that SIM is really the user friendly application you are looking for!

Search tools

SIM is equiped with a search tool that is able to sort your products. SIM can save your previous searches to gain both flexibility and time.

New Product

With SIM you can easily add a new product, and customize the criterias needed to create it.

Operation logs

SIM is equiped with a log tab in which you can find a history of every changes made since the beginning. You can filter between a specific timelapse thanks to the period button

Bulk update

You can easily update one or several products thanks to the output button.

Export to Excel

With the export option you can export your data from the logs and the products tabs in 3 different formats

Import from Excel

With SIM it is very easy to switch from you Excel files to a real user-friendly software. This video shows how you can import your data files or supplier's products lists in less than 30 seconds. If you need assistance, just ask for help!

Location management

In less than 5 clics you can add products to your stock with specific locations, il less than 5 clicks you can remove them from stock, selecting the best location. Many search tools enables you to optimize your process. Ask for extensions such as locations map, barcode scanning, re-packing features and palets loading calculation. Of course, these features are compatible with all our barcode readers. A real WMS system!

HandHeld Barcode Terminal

Now, you can:
  • - Control your products directy from the shelves.
  • - Count products when the delivery arrives.
  • - Check that you send exactly ordered quantities.
Our system is compatible with most wireless or USB scanners like Opticon 3001. Let the people do the tracking in the warehouse, and update the PC data base when job is over.
Without stress!

Android barcode scanner

There are many barcode apps available.. but this one is different for two reasons:
1. You can choose between input or output, enter quantity, and in specific versions, add information to identify your data.
2. You can scan your products without any connexion, as data are stored in your telephone. When a connexion is available, the you can send data to your SIM data base.