The first computers were complex machines for math calculation.
Microsoft’s Multiplan spreadsheet created a revolution with virtual paper sheets where you can write down text an caculations.
Excel became a very power full tool for students and scientists.
Today, most people are using spreadsheets for data storage and vizualisation.
They do not use the power of Excel macros. Or when they do, it easily becomes a mess..
Finally, sharing data with Excel brings a lot of troubles!

For your business, you need something simpler and safer than Excel!



Power and complexity that make Excel a formidable tool for experts is a disadvantage for industry usage.
Sharing files between multiple users, data protection and tracking is a real issue.
Now, you dont' need proprietary hosting like Office 360 or GoogleDoc.
Having listened to users, we have designed a simplified Excel like application which brings the same benefits as expensive database software.

We called it SODA, for ‘Social Data’.


SODA, the missing link

In its basic version, it allows to recover Excel data in 3 clicks and share them simply.
You get sort and search functions in 2 clicks.
Like in Excel, you can easily import and export.
In its advanced version, you can process any kind of data: filtering, complex querying, reading and writing of barcodes, document printing, web publishing, smartphone access, etc.

There is nothing that SODA cannot do for you!


Immediate handling

In just a few seconds you'll know how to simply and effectively handle data via our interface.
Then you can simply get your work into an Excel workbook to share among your network!
The pdf file on the help button will help you understand the functions of the software.

An unlimited range of applications

Whatever your business, you have address lists, inventory positions, inventories, entry forms to circulate among people who are more or less prepared and trained ..
SODA allows simultaneous data access, and keeps track of all accesses. Daily backup is automatic.

logiciel de gestion de données

Buy SODA for the management of your data

Setup and installation of options.

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