SIM options

Build your own customized solution

Your SIM will be uniquely adapted to your real needs.
You don't pay for something you do not use. Everything is as simple as possible.
Options are payed only once, no matter the number of workstations connected.

Basic Options

Each of these option can be applied to the standard SIM for $100 only.

Option Description Video
Alarms Daily alarm mail containing the list of references under minimum threshold
Projects Manages the destination of each product: site, contract, location, etc... Video link
Printing Print a note or generate an Excel file for each operation
Additionnal product fields You can add up to 5 columns to product description
Clients Manages to whom the product goes: customer, user, department..
Average prices The price of a product is calculated from all input prices
Custom Specific input or output user interfaces
Dates and Lots Manage Lots identifiers, serial numbers, products dates
Location Enable to store the same reference at different places
CSV Input Product movements comes from an excel file Video link
Export Specific export file format Video link
Injector Specific import file format
Logbook print Print customized reports of all movements
Barcode printing Print barcodes with label printer of A5 sheets Video link
Barcode reading Read barcode for any operations, for any reader
Login Definition of users profiles and rights
Photos Store and print a photo for each product
Sub categories Definition of sub categories to ease seraching and sorting
Sub-stocks Manage different warehouses in the same sheet
SQL Standard Query Langage tools for powerfull searching and sorting
Unit Definition of storage condition or Nb of articles in a box, or units
Mobile barcoding Use your android phone to scan barcodes for SIM Video link

ERP options

Go further

These options turn your asset management into a E.R.P. by performing complex functions that improves the management of your production or your accounting.
These options are adaptable to your specifications and are priced at $300 each.

Option Description Videos
Orders Supplier order management Video link
WMS Optimize product locations and routes in your warehouse Video link
Assemblies Management of assemblies, composition of elements Video link
Manufacturing Orders Management of manufacturing operations
Carts Planification of future incoming and outcoming of goods Video link
Forecast Graphical visualization of future stock levels Video link
WEB Publication on a website of your stock reports
Budget Manage the cost of each project or customer
Saas hosted SIM Secure your date on our servers, access SIM from a browser


SIM is compatible of most brands and type of barcode hardware

To get the best ou of SIM, we can deliver a complete system with installation and maintenance on OPTICON and ZEBRA devices.

Device Description Net $price
Wireless Zigbee reader Simple barcode scanner, 100m range 100
Professional reader OPN3201 High performance USB scanner 100
Pocket batch reader OPN2001 An amazing small stand alone scanner 200
Programmable batch reader OPH3000 A powerfull and flexible scanner with customized user dialog 450
Wireless Wifi-BlueTooth PDA H32 The best Windows scanner on the market for powerfull application 600
ZEBRA printer GC420D    Professionnal label rolls printer 300
ZEBRA printer GC420T Hight quality label rolls printer for all kind of material 400
Labels 3000 paper labels 59x25mm for ZEBRA 120

Please consult us for additionnal delivery and custom fees.

Others services

Assistance, training, specific development

We can support you without limit to improve the integration of SIM in your structure.
SOLTI is an accredited organization.

Performance Description Price DF €
Technical assistance An hour on the phone, remote control take, updates 100
Training day Fundamentals, implementation, data migration, settings 700
Day of development   Specific development per day 500