Inventory management software

Amazing features

  • - Display all your products in real time
  • - Carry out reception and shipment of goods
  • - Plan future movements of stock
  • - Manage orders according to their components list
  • - To read and print any type of barcode
  • - Easily print sales orders, invoices and mails
  • - Etc.
  • Customize your software from $100 to $10000!
  • You only pay for the modules you use.

inventory management

Instant implementation!

  • - Easy data import and export to Excel
  • - Capable of running on USB key, DropBox or central server
  • - Available with barcode devices and installation guide
  • - Compatible with most ERP, barcode printers and readers
  • - Read and print your own barcode labels
  • - Deploy on your network or the cloud without additionnal cost

Advanced features...

  • - Print reception and delivery notes
  • - Sort, filter or search information using SQL queries
  • - Manage your warehouse locations on a graphic screen
  • - Use USB, wireless or batch barcode readers
  • - Select your options for production, accounting and logistic
  • - Available in 5 languages and more!
  • - Get a quote for any of your specific requests

barcode-reader barcode-label

Immediate results

  • - Powerful searches and transactions
  • - Display warning message when product is under the limit
  • - Manage suppliers
  • - Display transaction history
  • - Intuitive and reliable user interface
  • - Replaces Excel sheets and complex software
modular inventory management

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users of SIM

Unlimited SIM license

- Instant switch from demo version to real software
- Unlimited license for one PC, in standard version
- $100 only with no expiration date, no limits on data
- Phone support
- Invoice and install instructions will be sent to you by email

Begin now!

  • - You can add a license to the free version; your data will be preserved!
  • - Need help with download? A display defect ? Call us!
  • - Ask for a quote with options that suits you.
  • - From anywhere, you can pay with export payment or Western Union
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