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Scalable Inventory Software for any business
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Outstanding features

  • No need to register or subscribe
  • Oversee stock levels in real time
  • Sort, filter and export inventory lists into Excel
  • Improve logistics of incoming and outgoing goods
  • Use existing barcodes
  • Improve business efficiency with additional features of SIM
  • Share your data, manage multi-site businesses with SIM
  • Plus many more features you find only in more expensive software

inventory software

Easy to install, Easy to use

  • Windows software compatible (Windows XP to Windows 10)
  • Easy data export/import with Excel
  • USB dongle key supported, plus Web access using DropBox or company server
  • Available with easy-to-install barcode scanning devices
  • Allows you to print your barcode labels on any printer
  • Compatible with most Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, acounting software and e-stores
  • No need to register or subscribe
  • Keeps data secure on customer proprietary devices and networks

Advanced Features

  • Scans barcodes for free with the Smartphone SOLTISCAN App for Android and iOS devices!
  • Sort out, filter or search for any information using SQL queries
  • Scan and print any barcode labels
  • Available in more than 6 languages!
  • Create assemblies, plan products movements and make forecasts
  • Many options for production, accounting and logistics departments
  • Manage your warehouse without depending on more expensive WMS software
smartphone scanner barcode-reader barcode-label
modular inventory management

Immediate results

  • Instant inventory reporting
  • Powerful searches and transactions
  • Stock level alerts
  • Transaction history viewing
  • View transaction history
  • Fast and user-friendly interface
  • Replaces Excel sheets and more complex software
  • Customize data formats, documents, user displays and colors

Join the community of SIM users

  • More than 1000 companies throughout the world
  • Suited for companies of all types and sizes
  • Discover how this software improves your suppply chain efficiency
  • Download the user manual to learn more about SIM
  • View demo videos for SIM inventory software
  • Contact us for enquiries or for an online demonstration

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Buy the SIM license now and get:

  • Instant updates to the Unlimited version
  • Lifetime license for one PC (Standard version)
  • No monthly fees
  • Email and 1 hour start-up phone support included

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