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In december 2016

  • More than 590 customers in 75 countries
  • Available in 6 language (chinese!) + free translation kit

A simple and powerful inventory software!

gestion de stock

SIM does:

  • Display all your products in real time
  • Carry out reception and shipment of goods
  • Intuitive and reliable
  • Sort data and export to Excel
  • Allow personalized functionalities
  • Plan future movements of stock
  • Manage orders according to their components list
  • Read and print any type of barcode
  • Etc.

Instant implementation!

Only a few files needed!

  • Simple and portable, looks as simple as an Excel sheet
  • Can run from a simple USB key, a shared drive or Dropbox
  • Powerfull searches and transactions comparable to expensive software.
  • Easy data import and export to Excel

Make an easy start:

  • Display product quantities and low level alarms
  • Manage supplies
  • Display transaction history
  • Works simultaneously out of any position and on cloud
  • Use existing labels and your own barcdoe reader!

Modular system

Barcode Reader

Improve your solution

  • Get the best of a powerfull SQL database.
  • Sort, filter, search information using SQL queries
  • Work on multiple workstations, with or without network connection.
  • Read and print your own barcode labels
  • Share data using a common folder, a server or a cloud storage.
  • Customize your software to meet future requirements

It is easy!

Start Now!

  • Import your excel files and see the difference.
  • Once you get your license, keep your trial software and data!
  • Send us your excel file (40 references), you'll get back your SIM ready to use
  • Watch all the tutorial videos.
  • Download the user guide
  • Request a quotation for your customized solution.
  • moneygam payment or western union payment
  • Call us at +33 962 321 607

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Don’t wait any longer!

Simple Inventory Manager is for you

  • SIM runs without Internet access and is not limited in time!
  • No need for a subscription or connection! Try it now!
  • Import your Excel data in 10 clics
  • Switch to licensed version without reinstalling anything

Join SIM's users

Buy one license 100$
Unlimited number of product references
Unlimited duration

3 months telephone assistance
Your license code will unlock limitations immediatly
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